Pizza Recipes

The Sweet Pepperoni, Jalapeño, Stinger

On any given Sunday, you will find my family at home making pizza.  We have a few standards, a Margherita, a White Pie, something special for my kids, and then week after week, the grand finale, the spicy, smokey, sweet pizza that dreams are made of.

It’s quite similar to the others at first glance.  A nice airy Neapolitan pizza dough.  My favorite simple 2 ingredient pizza sauce.  A layer of Belgioioso fresh mozzarella.  


What’s next s really what makes this pepperoni pizza recipe unique.


It starts with a layer of thinly sliced Boars Head pepperoni, the kind that cups just right with a little bit of heat and develops a nice char of it’s own.  Then we add some thinly sliced jalapeño to bring it up a level.  In my high heat Ooni pizza oven it cooks incredibly fast, when it comes out we add the true magic.


A drizzle of Mike’s Hot Honey.  This stuff is magic.  It takes the complexity of this pizza over the top.  It is an incredible touch.

Once the whole pizza is gone, it takes a lot of convincing to not sit there and dip any leftover crust in the juice left on this pizza tray – lets be honest, that is exactly what I do.