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Homemade Margherita Pizza

Ah, the Margherita, the most photographed pizza and the baseline for what a Neapolitan pizza should be. A nice, quiet pizza, not busied up with a ton of toppings. The only pie more simple than this is a pure marinara with either no cheese, a few basil leaves and a dash of Olive Oil(vegan friendly) or non-vegan with a dash of shredded Parmigiano Reggiano on top. To me this is the ultimate pizza. Light, airy, delicious.

When making pizza for my family at home, I start and end the cooking process with a Margherita. I let my family devour the first one, and then calmly sit down after our Sunday dinner service and enjoy the last one with my wife. As a purist from New York, I have always enjoyed and preferred a plain pizza in order to judge wether or not it is good, and still it is my preference. That said – There are no bad pizzas. There are definitely better, best and amazing pizzas, but never are they truly bad.

I always recommend the home pizza maker to start off simple. It doesn’t matter what style of pizza you are making, get your basics down first and then build from there. For homemade Neapolitan pizza this is the classic Margherita. A simple dough, my favorite sauce recipe, fresh mozzarella and a dash of basil. This is the baseline for your Neapolitan pizza dreams, if you get the dough and crust right on this one, you are ready to move on.

Ready for best homemade Margherita Pizza recipe?

It’s simple.

• 190-220 G dough ball
• 1-2oz(30-60ML) Sauce
• ~1/4 lb (100G) Fresh Mozzarella
• A Strong Pinch of Parmigiano Reggiano
• A Handful of Basil Leaves