The Best Backyard Pizza Oven

The Best Pizza Oven For Making Pizza At Home

Are you dreaming of pizza like I am? I started my homemade pizza journey over 10 years ago, ill informed and making some terrible pies. How the times have changed though. First by using a stone. Then upgrading to baking steel. Then upgrading to a thicker baking steel. And then, upgrading to the holy grail of pizza, a backyard pizza oven.

While I didn’t have the budget for a $10,000 custom built, you wouldn’t know that from the pizza.

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Let me introduce you to the Ooni Koda.

I know there are bigger and better ovens out there, but the Koda packs an incredible value into a small, shippable box. Managing the oven is simple, running off propane there is no need to stress about managing a fire or a pellet feeder. The propane has a simple valve to increase and decrease the fire to change up the type of pizza you are making. While you can easily make incredible 60 second Neapolitan pizza, if you want something different you can easily manipulate the temperature of the oven for any desired result.

If you’re experienced in making pizza in your home oven, you will be firing out incredible pizzas in your first or second bake.

Why Should I Make Pizza At Home?

Making pizza at home starts as a fun night you do here and there with your partner, spouse or family.  If you’re anything like me it quickly evolves into trying to create restaurant quality pizza, figuring out the best homemade pizza dough, lots of reading and tons and tons of experimentation.  It evolved into a night where I try my hardest to impress my family, and when things go wrong end up very, very stressed out.  

When things go right though, you are the hero!

When I upgraded to the Ooni Koda, it was an immediate game changer on pizza night.  The learning curve was sharp and if you aren’t paying attention your pizzas could literally light on fire as the oven is small and pumping out a flame to help it reach over 900 degrees in there.

In the winter time I still enjoy using my home oven and a quality piece of steel, but in summer time, my outdoor pizza kitchen reigns supreme.

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